Educational Leadership & Outreach

A major goal of the National Center for Research on Rural Education (R2Ed) is to develop and maintain partnerships with the broader rural education research community and to facilitate the advancement of scientific knowledge related to rural education. To achieve that goal, the center has:

  • Established research partnerships with more than 250 rural schools throughout the nation.
  • Complemented its research programs with dissemination and outreach endeavors aimed at advancing the scientific knowledge base while informing practice, policy and future scholarship surrounding rural education.
  • Coordinated and promoted presentations from the nation's most prominent rural education scholars.
  • Conducted and circulated interviews that ask rural scholars to share insights into opportunities, challenges, conclusions and implications drawn from decades of rigorous research.

Leadership and outreach activities include recognizing rural school partners, hosting postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars, sponsoring a national conference, hosting Web-based podcasts and other training mechanisms, and publishing research periodicals and digests.