What is Project READERS?

Response to Effective Assessment-Driven Early Reading Support

Conducted through the National Center for Research on Rural Education, Project READERS is an initiative designed to implement and examine the impact of professional development in Response-to-Intervention (RTI) and early reading supports for K-3 students in rural schools.

Professional development provided as part of Project READERS involves an in-person workshop series for all schools and follow-up coaching delivered to select schools via distance technology. It focuses on preparing teachers to:

  • Use data to guide instruction and intervention decisions for students with reading difficulties
  • Plan and implement evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions that are responsive to students' needs

Benefits of Participation

  • Learn information critical to developing strong reading skills for ALL students
  • Enhance students' early reading skills by identifying students' reading needs and providing data-driven instruction and intervention
  • Learn how to use evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions
  • Help identify effective professional development methods for meeting rural teachers' needs